Tourist Attractions

Here are some of the tourist attractions which are near
the Pokemouche Campground.

Péninsule acadienne

Pokemouche Golf Club. (Pokemouche - 10 min.) 

Village Historique Acadien. (Caraquet - 20 min.) 

North East New Brunswick Museum Network

Musée Historique de Tracadie

Acadian Wax museum. (Caraquet - 20 min.)

Internet Access (CAC Pokemouche - 10 min.)

Cruising in boat (Caraquet & Tracadie-Sheila - 15 min.)

Aquarium and Marine Center of New Brunswick (Shippagan - 15 min.)

Miscou Island light house (Miscou - 40 min.)

Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula (Lamèque - 25 min.) 

Cinéma Péninsule (Tracadie-Sheila - 15 min.)

Cinéma du Centre (Caraquet - 15 min.)

Distillerie Fils du Roy  (Petit Paquetville - 20 min.)

Les Brasseux d'la Côte (Tracadie sheila - 15 min.)

Terrasse à steve (miscou 30 - min.)

Maison BeauSoleil (neguac 30 - min)



And several others.

Located approximately 15 minutes of Pokemouche Campground,
the municipalities of Shippagan, Tracadie-Sheila and Caraquet, will have the pleasure
of welcoming you by offering their services of shopping malls, restaurants and
other accommodations necessary to enjoy your stay in the Acadian Peninsula.



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